All YMV classes are by reservation only. Please email our studio 24-48 hours in advance of any class you're interested in taking and wait for confirmation prior to attending. My apologies, but we do not accept walk-in's.

*Schedule is subject to change, dependent on class demand. All classes require at least two students, unless it’s a private session*


Mondays - Mysore - 4:00pm

Tuesdays - Half Primary - 5:15pm

Wednesdays - Fusion - 6:00pm

Thursdays - PRIVATE CLASs

Fridays - all-level Elements - 8:00am


sundays - open studio - 10:00am


class descriptions


Mysore is a self-led practice. Students are taught a sequence of postures, one by one, which are slowly committed to memory through repetition. Movements, breathing, and other elements are gradually introduced when the student is ready. Students practice the memorized sequence in a quiet room without verbal cues from the teacher. However, a teacher is always present and available for help. Mysore classes are offered for those with a pre-existing Mysore practice. It is also open to new students, but requires a 1-2 class per week commitment, as well as a willingness to practice/study at home.

Half Primary:

Half Primary is a teacher-led Ashtanga yoga class. Students are guided through half of Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with traditional Sanskrit counts. Classes move at a steady pace and focus on posture, breath, and gaze. Postures build in difficulty and stamina throughout the 75 minute class. A medium level of physical aptitude is suggested, but all abilities are welcome.


Fusion is an energizing mix of Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, stretching, and meditation. A combination of standing and seated postures combined with a different weekly music playlist that will inspire students to have fun, move, and stretch their bodies in a relaxed, music filled environment. Easy to medium level of physical aptitude, but all abilities are welcome. This class is fun for everyone!

All-level elements:

Elements is a fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga class. We’ll practice the basics - Sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures, and a relaxed closing seated meditation. The movements are slow, with attention to breath as the primary focus. Classes will be practiced with a different weekly music playlist that will encourage a focused and mellow setting. This is a great class for those new to yoga, but all abilities are welcome and encouraged.

open studio:

Open Studio is exactly that… An open studio! This isn’t a class, this is a time for people to use our studio space for yoga of their choice. Bring your mat and practice whatever you’d like - Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, Baptiste, Kundalini, meditation, stretching, anything goes! I will be present in the yoga studio doing my own practice and students are welcome to follow along. However, there will be no formal instruction during Open Studio time. This is a free class, but donations for the use of space are welcome! As with all other classes, reservations are still required for Open Studio time.

Donation business

At YMV, we feel as though yoga should be available to everyone, regardless of finances. Therefore, we are a donation based business.

Group class suggested donation - $10 - $20

Private Session suggested donation - $50 - $75