Are My Ladybits Exposed?


Yoga shorty shorts. I love them. And I love the yoga students brave enough to wear them. Butt cheeks a’blazing. Thighs showing in all of their glory. They leave little to the imagination and help to provide an uninhibited yoga practice. They’re easy. They’re comfortable. They keep your body cool during a rigorous workout. Some would even say that they’re more practical than yoga pants when it comes to postures like supta kurmasana and garbha pindasana.

Yet there’s just one thing about shorty shorts that gets my goat…

I feel as though my ladybits are all up in everyones business! No, really. My nether regions feel exposed and a bit vulnerable. It’s one thing to wear a piece of fabric the size of a Brazilian bikini on the beach in Bali. For me, it’s an entirely different story when I’m wearing a loin cloth in downward dog and my teacher needs to adjust me from behind. Personally, a piece of fabric one inch in diameter covering my hooha just doesn’t feel like enough. At least not when I’m in a classroom situation.

 Lord knows I’ve tried. I’ve worn the shorty shorts, buns exposed, vajayjay just barely tucked out of sight. At first, all seems fine. But then the shorts slowly start to ride higher and higher. Before I know it, my shorts have wedged themselves so far up my bum, I can’t even find them! Where did they go? How on earth did that happen? Please please please, DO NOT let my teacher come over here right now. I’m pretty sure my cookie is hangin’ out. Wait, did I forget to shave today?

Let's be sure to get one thing straight: This is ENTIRELY my own issue. I don’t care what anyone else wears in the yoga room. I admire the men and women that practice in little clothing, as their “who gives a crap” attitude is inspiring to me. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a snowsuit or a thong. If you’re getting on your mat and doing your best, whatever that looks like, I’m happy and supportive.

Yet, worrying about whether or not my teacher and fellow students are going to get an eyeful of vag is just not worth it to me. When I’m thinking about the whereabouts of my vagina more so than my breathing, there’s a problem. 

Luckily, what I choose to wear while practicing yoga is entirely up to me! If I don’t wanna rock out with my box out, I don’t have to! I have the option of wearing my pajamas, sweat pants, leggings, capris, the choices are endless. As for shorts, I’m an Alo Yoga girl through and through… Their Burn Shorts are the best and keep all of the necessities covered, without compromising style, comfort, and functionality. 

So I guess my point is this: To each their own. Do your thing. Wear what you want. Be comfortable and happy. If shorty shorts rock your boat, wear them proudly. If sweatpants are more your jam, stick with ‘em. Your yoga practice belongs to you and no one else, so own it, shorty shorts and all.

As for me, I'll be keeping my family jewels fully covered.


Nikki VanVoorhisComment