Ancient Yogis Never Said Anything About Fun


Biking is fun. Hanging out with my husband and puppies is fun. Spending time with my girlfriends and drinking a few cocktails is fun. My daily yoga practice—not

so fun.

Many yoga students and teachers love to practice. Some even practice asana outside of their regular routine, just for kicks. Other yogis spend the majority of their day practicing, studying, eating, sleeping, and breathing yoga.

I am not that yogi.

I practice with regularity and I do not find yoga to be fun. I actually find it to be quite difficult and sometimes downright unenjoyable. My time on the yoga mat, more often than not, feels like work. It's hard, it's sweaty, and it takes a lot of concentration to attain even just a single moment of quiet-mindedness. And if I'm being truly honest, sometimes that quiet is unattainable, despite my best efforts.

That said, I do not practice or teach yoga for the fun of it. I practice because yoga makes me a better person. Yoga enables me to breathe deeper throughout the day and rest easier at night. Yoga forces me to see my weaknesses and learn from them with grace. Yoga shows me my strengths and teaches me to honor them while remaining humble. Yoga sometimes scares me, but reminds me that it's okay to be scared. And more than anything, yoga teaches me to love.

For all of these reasons and many more, yoga will forever be an integral part of my life. I will share what I have been taught and always be an advocate for the profound effect this spiritual practice can have.

Don't get me wrong... I laugh, I'm playful while practicing and teaching, and I've had many moments of joy throughout both. But if you ask me if I think yoga is fun, my answer is no. Because not everything in life is supposed to be fun. And the long, arduous path to spiritual enlightenment is just that—long and arduous. When it comes to spirituality, I'm not looking for a rip-roaring good time; I'm looking for connection to something greater. For that, I'll get on my mat. For fun, I'll get on my bike and ride off into the woods.

To each their own.


Nikki VanVoorhisComment