Finding Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing


Physical, mental, and spiritual health is crucial to wellbeing. When any of those components are lacking, life can feel overwhelming. Dis-ease can set in. If health is so important for a life well lived, why does it take sickness and discomfort to motivate healthy choices? What if we all made physical, mental, and spiritual health our first priority? Would that change our lives for the better, even if other life priorities were forced to take a backseat?

For me, the answer is yes. 

Like many others, I have a tendency to not always prioritize my wellbeing. I get caught up in my daily routines and chores and forget to take care of myself. Simple things like drinking enough water and getting outside for some vitamin D and fresh air get overlooked in favor of writing my newest blog post or spending an extra hour doing school work. A few times over the past couple of years, I have spent so much time on my computer for YogaMari Vermont, aromatherapy school, and social media that I severely strained my eyes and caused a low-grade migraine to persist for weeks on end. In order to heal, I had to stop everything and take a break… No school. No social media. No computer. No phone. No television. 

Luckily, with rest and a dorky pair of high-energy blue light canceling glasses, my eyes were able to heal and my headaches ceased. However, I can’t help but wonder-why did it take such extreme consequences for me to realize that I wasn’t taking care of myself? 

Because I didn’t have my priorities straight, that’s why.

Without my physical health, I have nothing. Without my mental health, I’m a mess. Without my spiritual health, I am disconnected from everything that surrounds me. Therefore, in order to support optimal wellbeing and to live harmoniously within my body, these things MUST come first.

So, what will I do differently?

I will check in with myself every morning and ask this question: “If I make my health and wellbeing a priority today, what will my day look like?” Maybe this sounds overly simplistic and silly, but I believe that taking a moment to reflect on what is most important will set me up for success! The priorities that do not fully support a healthy lifestyle will be shifted. The tasks that do not align with wellbeing will be mitigated. 

I am the only one that has control over what my life will look like and I believe intention is everything. I am intent on being happy and healthy.

How do you make health and wellness a priority in your life?


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