Anna means food and grains. Purna means full, complete and perfect. Annapurna ... is the symbol for the One who grants nourishment on every level. Annapoorna symbolises the divinity of nourishing care. When food is cooked with a spirit of holiness, it becomes alchemy.

-Aparna Chatterjee

Have you heard of Annapurna Living? Well, now you have... A gorgeous community for women created by Kundalini student and teacher Carrie-Ann Moss. Annapurna Living facilitates the inward journey to self through written word, meditation, and group work.

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I head over to this lovely spot in cyberspace and read, and read, and read. Inspiration is always found.

Today I read this beautiful Annapurna Living piece by Stephanie Perkinson about the changing of seasons. It deeply resonated with me... I hope it brightens your chilly, fall day. It's called Autumn Song.